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Skip in Anasazi Ruins, Utah - 1976

Birthplace of the Numenistic style of watercolor.

Inspired by the pictographs and petroglyphs which had
immense "spirit" within each image.
Portions of a letter from a collector emphasizing the impact of the numenistic style on a commissioned painting:

“I have to share a very special story about the painting “Paradise” you did of my sister and her husband. The hair I gave you from them, along with your talented hands, created images from the past that was a wonderful surprise. Their yellow lab Penney appeared under the limb they were sitting on. She saw that right away. On the upper right side of the painting was the face of a baby. I asked if she had one hidden away somewhere? She and Gary stared at the baby’s face, of course said No! She asked me to meet her for a cocktail last week. She told me she and Gary had a baby girl before they were married. Gave her up because they could not afford to raise her then. The girl now 36 has contacted them and they are going to meet her in Feb. Julie said she had a tough time holding her breath the day I showed her the baby in your painting! Interesting that she hadn’t chose to contact them until after the painting. She had wanted to but was afraid to. Perhaps the spirit of the painting has drawn them all together again.”

Article Picture
Studio Skip's Art Studio at
4715 Hallbeck Rd
Saginaw, MN

Note bottles of collected water in
bookcase to left of window.
Skip and Bob Skip and art partner Bob Smith
at his 1st Blueberry Arts Festival
 in late 80's

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