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For most of us, it’s hard to imagine our home vanishing. But for Nanertak, a polar bear cub,  the melting of her Arctic homeland means that she has nowhere to live. She and her mother, Nanuck, are forced to escape. Their exit by iceberg is full of danger – the beginning of an incredible journey of survival. Many tears are shed along the way, but there is unexpected hope for Nanertak's future...along with a solution to the problem of her disappearing Arctic homeland. Join Nanertak and Nanuck as they search for their new home in this beautiful story that is both educational and inspiring for children and adults alike.
8.5 x 11 color casebound
ISBN: 9781478720812

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This is Skip's first children’s picture book. The illustrations were painted using water from the melting Greenland Ice Cap, collected by Will Steger, polar explorer and winner of National Geographic’s prestigious John Oliver LaGorce award for exploration, science, and public service. Skip has served as medical director for all of Steger’s polar expeditions.

- Reviews -
"Tears for Nanertak is a book with an obvious message. It is a book about the effects of global warming on wildlife and it illustrates its message through a pair of polar bears: A mother polar bear and her cub that are forced to abandon their home due to the melting ice and snow. The book drives home the message that changing habitats are going to forever damage the way animals live and that it is up to us to make the necessary changes to halt this process." "Because Skip Hofstrand paints so well that we fall in love with the scenes of the arctic home and because he presents his story without resorting to fairytale situations his nearly all white book is all the more powerful. This is a skilled story, a hauntingly beautiful series of watercolors (Hofstrand actually used the melt runoff water from t he Greenland Ice Cap in his painting medium!), and the message it leaves with us becomes deeply imprinted as a plea for change."
"In this beautiful book, we meet Nanertak, a polar bear cub who lives in the Arctic with his mother, Nanuck. They soon realize that the home they have come to love and enjoy is rapidly disappearing. They either have to find a way to adapt or risk dying. Soon however, Nanertak and his mother find themselves on an ever shrinking iceberg and soon realize that danger is just days away if they can't find land." "As I look through the book I can imagine myself wandering the halls of an art gallery admiring an Arctic exhibit. The stunning water color paintings capture a moment in history. The Arctic is melting. The animals must leave. The book balances the reality that disasters happen on two levels, both the personal and the communal. The whole Arctic grieves and within that a mother attempts to keep her cub afloat."

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